Friday, November 07, 2014

Some Thoughts About The #Chef Movie

#Chef is a movie realeased couple of weeks about about a chef who lost his restaurant, and decides to start a food truck company to reclaim his status.

I have not watched the movie, but could not escape the commercials and interview of its actors. What I wanted to focus on is the high success truck food have had lately. Indeed, you see both in the US and in france more and more of these trucks. Actually the food they propose has also evolved big time. It is not simple fast food burgers or hot dog, but now you may have high quality cuisine, with hyped trucks.

A lot of the journalists hence talk about the "Food Truck phenomenom". But they actually are right. People are now looking for more and more proximity and adaptation to access products. 

Food trucks therefore have the flexibility to move where the customers are, adapting their menu to the day of the time. Isn't it what you expect of a retailer?

Could it be the next move in multi channel marketing? Could brick&mortar businesses adapt thanks to those rolling structures?

I believe you may link this social phenomenom to click & collect approaches for example, and also a project of Carrefour I will talk to you about soon.

Obviously, a lot of food for thought. I believe that if you are a retail or a customer relationship management consultant, you should have a close look at it. There is a lot of food for thought.