Monday, September 05, 2011

The Magic Of Nespresso: The Customer Experience

Nespresso has created a business model based on customer experience. In order to create something new in the market, it changed the way to perceive the consumption of coffee into a brand new customer experience. Everything in the marketing mix has been reinvented to create something totally different from the existent:
  • The product: Exist filters and the old way of making coffee. Now, you have pre dosed coffee in capsules, which are instantly "brewed" and ready to be drunk. The product is not named out of the region it has been produced, but depending on its taste and strength.
  • The retailing process: You can't access the product in traditionnal hypermarkets or supermarkets. The only way to get it is through a direct marketing channel (Internet, phone, mobile phone) or through its own stores.
By proposing a unique customer experience, Nespresso must take a particular attention to all the different component of it. Every single link composing this experience must bring an added value to the customer.

Of course, CRM is a very important factor of success. It is the only coffee company which can interact directly with its end consumer, whereas others must go through a retailer.

This customer experience is underligned by Nespresso's store. They are a tangible way to show out to customers the way of life linked to Nespresso positionning.

The goal of this customer experience is to make the customer believe it is part of something unique, to make him think as he is part of an elite, and in the end to elevate it from the average.