Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Customer Relationship Management And Serendipity?

Have you ever heard about serendipity? This term has become very popular lately. I am sure that French Internet guru Henri Kaufman would surely agree, as he has recently published a book about serendipity, where he explains the concept, and how to leverage its wonderful potential.

Serendipity , as defined by Wikipedia: is the moment when someone finds something he was not expecting to find. More than that, serendipity implies finding most of the time the best ideas when it is not expected.

Two factors created the basements for serendipity to grow:
- The information age, where we are facing both information overload
- The new media allowing this information to spread fast.

Hence, one of the key challenges for people willing to create value is to help those moments to come, meaning, to be able to create such a momentum, where people, information and things can be brought together, in order to create something unique and valuable.

I read this very interesting article explaining clearly what kind of challenges companies will be facing to keep up with the innovation pace they must to face competition.

Because even though serendipity is by definition unexpected, and therefore can’t be found by a standard process, as you can force the chance so you can create space for it to grow.

What do you think about it?