Friday, September 16, 2011

Îndia To Rule The Mobile Internet Revolution

India is one of the fastest growing company in the world. As China is doing right now, most of the time it is growing so fast that it skips some of the industrial steps we (North America and European ones) took for 30 years in order to establish our standards. By doing so it creates sometimes some problems, as China is struggling with democracy, but also great opportunities, to lead some of the new emerging markets.

One of the best examples is India and mobile Internet. I have already attended once a conference about mobile marketing held by Forrester France, which was explaining why they believed that mobile Internet will spread fast through India.

I received not so long ago a Newsletter from Mc Kinsey about the same topic.

India, actually don’t have much choice but to excel in mobile Internet. Its large population added to its large country makes it difficult and pricy to create a cable network for Internet.

Therefore, wireless Internet could become the only way to grow the number of Internet users in the country, which is very low (17%).

Now, India is for sure an interesting country for Internet companies, as they can find a large customer base to market. But even though it is important to have a large market, it is also important that local companies can benefit from it. And so far, I don’t know if Indian companies exist, and if they have what is needed in order to thrive in India.

The risk is that the market is dominated soon by foreign countries, which will leave few chances for local companies to settle in the market.

For sure, India has a large base of highly skilled engineers but will it be enough? They need founds and most importantly ideas, which will create successful business there, adapting to the local specificities.

What do you think about it?