Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ikea To Launch Customer to Customer (C2C) Activities In Sweden

Customer to customer activities is a lucrative activity on line. Ebay has experienced a huge success thanks to its activities. Priceminister in France is also doing good with a similar concept.

Facing this success retailers which sales are dropping are looking after this main consumer trend. In France, leading electronics and cultural products retailer Fnac has launched its second video game sales activities. If you are struggling to grow a market, you may get extra money from the second hand market.

Ikea has launched a new website reporting classified ads for Ikea products.

Peter Agnefäll explained that the reason which led to this decision is to make sure their products are used in a sustainable way on the long run.

Instead of blinding themselves, Ikea aknowledge that a secondary market exists where products are traded. And instead of trying to block it, they decided to help it.