Friday, January 29, 2010

My opinion about the Ipad

Of course, yesterday everybody was buzzing around Twitter about the new Apple innovation, the Ipad. Reading through my Twitter, I have seen very different kind of comments and feedback about the product. I wanted to share with you my opinion about Steve Jobs presentation and the product:

Steve Jobs presentation
It has been once more outstanding. Recently Steve Jobs has been named the best CEO of the decade due to its fantastic results with Apple. But I believe he has been able to perform so well mainly due to his exceptional skills to present and create enthousiasm. He knows how to perform in such presentations. He has been able to introduce his product clearly, creating a whole show around it.

The name Ipad.
I don’t know if the name has been properly picked. I mean, pads could have some different meanings and could create tons of plays of words. I understand that Steve Jobs didn’t want to call it tablet, because he has the will to be different and to create a brand new type of products that won’t be able to be comparable to other products. But Ipad, I am not sure.

The product by itself.
The Ipad is pretty nice. But the main critic is it could be better. It is not 3 Gs, this isn’t sure if there are automatic synchronisation, if it is bluetooth empowered, and so on.Also One of the main weakness is for sure the fact it is not multi tasking, while this is necessary as people switch very easily from applications.
The product might be nice to consult and read, but what about interacting, writing notes for example?

The market
A lot of questions remain unsolved about the Ipad’s market. Indeed, the tablet market is going in limbo. The Amazon’s Kindle seems to have promising sales, and remain alone in the competition. That was important for mac users to propose a solution. Now it remains to see how Apple will market its online library. The challenge is to transform its media users of Itunes in book downloaders. I don’t know if the target is the same, but that would be interesting to see.

The future of Ipad
I don’t see the Ipad as a revolution. A revolution is something that stands out of ordinary, and the Ipad might do. But I see in a near future some new technologies that would be 10 times better than this one. I especially think about Nokia’s Morpheus project. I believe that instead of owning such a large pad, it would be better to have something you can fold or that would be retractable. It would be easier to use as this pad is not really a mobile device.

I don’t think we can expect the same kind of success than the Iphone. The Iphone was responding to an actual demand and the product was at the top of the line of technology. The Ipad remains a large Iphone, with not even the same deep range of uses, as it is not a 3G device.

And you what do you think about it?