Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marketing of the moment

More and more often what really matters in marketing and in communication is the moment. Indeed, communication is becoming faster and faster.

Now customers want everything at once. There are a lot of solliciation and they want the right answer at the right time. This is an explanation why 360° communication is so popular.

There are many trends that pushed this importance of the moment:
  • Instant Messages: Twitter has based its success on the ability to provide information that happens right now. The best Tweets might be far in your thread, but actually what really matters, is the information that has been posted within the last few hours. What happens at the moment matter more than the actual value of the information.
  • The First moment of truth: Advertisement on the point of sales is very important. Because a customer make his decision making process in front of the aisle, it is important your product stands out, and that you provide the accurate information at the right time.

  • This is the same thing for CRM: What really matters is when you are able to provide the information. I like the VRM concept. The Vendor Relationship Management is somehow a reverse CRM. A customer exposes his needs for a product, and the brand gets in contact with him to provide the accurate information, via social media or its website. This is the reason why community management is getting so huge.

Marketers need to pay more and more importance about the customer experience to provide the appropriate medium and message to customers in order to trigger the purchase.