Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twitter Creates Lists

This is a great news: Twitter has announced they will add a list feature to their social media platform. That has been a while I have been waiting for this feature because it really helps using Twitter in a much easier.

People have more and more complex life with information feed of different kind of nature:
  • They could come from different type of media: It could be friend, it could be expert, it could be professional journalists, among others. Of course, it could also be brands.
  • It could have a different frequency: It could be monthly posts, daily posts, or real instant web messages, which could be the core of Twitter, but will polluate others. Twitter has been based on instant messages, but at some point it created so much noise it helped spamming to spring up, and makes it hard to get valuable information while it isn't published numerously.
  • They could also be attached to different points of interest: personnaly I am fan of basket ball and guitar. It is difficult to get a single feed where I will have my friends, business contacts, basketball news and guitar tips at once.

Maybe this new feature will help some Twitter users, which are not a lot to use frequently the service, to get back into the hype.