Monday, August 17, 2009

Vinci And Customer Relationship Management

This is a story that happened to me as I was looking for a parking lot. I was on my way to watch the basketball game France-Hungrary.

Of course, in this neighborhood of Paris, finding a parking spot a night game is a difficult task, and hence, I drove around the block many times to finally decide to get inside the Vinci parking. I get inside the parking and start driving around for about 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, there was no parking available in there. When I decide to get out of the parking, I had to p 2.5 euros, whereas I didn't even park, just for a minute!

Vinci's Park Problems
Vinci let me get into their parking whereas they couldn't deliver the service. They had no parking lot, that is fine, but they should alert about it. Also, I have to pay for a service that hasn't been provide. This is just a total ripp off. If I couldn't consume the product, I should be paid back.

On top of that, Vinci is proposing me a customer service phone number, to deal any kind of problems...

This is simply ridiculous. The company is not able to provide the service and require the customer to pay! This is obviously a complete ripp off. I am not used to use this blog for personal purpose, but I believe this has a complete link with the blog theme: customer relationship management.

This post is also a great way to see the community management strategy Vinci has established. Will they be able to get in contact with me to fix that problem (I have a pretty high reputation online now, and they shouldn't have no problems founding me)? Or will they ignore me on purpose, or simply will have no clue about this issue?

I'll keep you updated in case there is any kind of response.