Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Score: A New Marketing Concept

The concept of social score is emerging. New social media have changed interraction between people and hence, it implies a change in the way we consider customers values.

If in marketing an important concept was to reach early adopters, which influents the rest of customers, wouldn't it be great to know how much of an early adopter each of your customers are?

The social score aims to measure how influent someone is based on its social media activities. It could take into account:
  • The number of services he uses (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Gtalk among others)
  • How often he uses (number of Tweets/day, time spent on Facebook, number of comments via Disqus)
  • How implicated he is (does he post notes, or does he simply watch comments and status updates? Does he create events, groups, or tests?)
  • Number of friends he owns
  • How influent his friends are
On a customer relationship management point of view (CRM), we consider that a company own a customer equity, which is the sum of customer lifetime value. This customer equity is as important as the financial equity, as it is the base of future sales. Actually, this social score idea match perfectly with a CRM approach.

Now, thanks to social score, the customer equity concept must be revisited, to evaluate how your customers could spread your brand through social media.

To learn more about the topic (in French), it's here on the blog of Henri Kaufman.