Monday, July 14, 2008

Still don't have the Internet, but should get it soon

I still don't have the Internet, which explains why I am not able to right as often as I did on this blog. Nevertheless, I should get it next week. I have tons of things and projects that I am not able to take care of because I am not connected. This is weird to see how the Internet is vital nowadays for us. Anyways, my next main project that I will be working on next month:
  • Updating my Website: Still have couple of web pages that are not available at the moment. Also, I did not updated the French pages of the website.
  • Looking for a job: Because I don't have the Internet I am struggling with my job search, even though I did not dedicated much time on it so far. I have been busy with my move out, with the different subscription I had to get (cell phone, Internet, social security and so on).
  • Take care of the association of the master distribution et relation client: I would like to dedicate some time to move forward with the alumni association of my master. My short term goal would be to organize a reunion dinner the week after the new promotion will start classes, inviting former students of all promotions and professors.
I'll keep you update with my activities, and let you know also when I'll get the Internet.
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