Sunday, July 06, 2008

buzz marketing case study:

It is always great to have some buzz marketing case studies to illustrate the impact such a campaign could have, but it is most of the time difficult to find data about it. Therefore, I wanted to share with you the results of a French buzz marketing operation, thought by L'agence H (Havas Group), for Transavia, a low cost airlines company.

Buzz marketing case studyGoal: Improve the notoriety of the company (Transavia)
The idea:
Become the pilot of a plane
Book a plane with your friends (170 seats available, you included)
If your plane is picked in the lottery, you'll go with your friends for a day to Marrakesh, Morocco.
This buzz campaign was a success:
Number of invitations sent by the "pilots": 41 419
Number of plane created : 6 179
Number of plane totally booked, participating to the lottery: 69
Media plan: Web banner + a Facebook group
Supports : MSN, Facebook, Allociné, Daylimotion, AOL and Proxyrégie (social network)

What I like in particular with this campaign is the trigger: pack a flight and win a free round trip to Morocco:
  • The prize is related to the company's products, as it is a flight
  • It triggers the participants to share the information to its friends, and moreover, it triggers also to convince them to participate
This is a great example showing how a buzz marketing campaign can develop notoriety with limited budget.

Source: Henri Kaufman's blog
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