Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil.com : the google killer still needs some improvement

cuil.comOn Sunday, July 27 was released cuil.com, a new web browser engineered by former Google managers Anna Patterson, Russell Power and Louis Monier, with Tom Costello (ex IBM) as a CEO.

The idea of cuil.com is to create a better web browser than the Google solution. Indeed, the new website indexes 120 billion pages, which is the biggest indexation effort on the web. But the main idea of cuil.com is to present the information in an improved way. You can see pictures and a summary of the web pages, instead of a brief description.

Still some available spots to compete with Google
Google is still dominating the market, thanks to its technological advantage. There is so far no other web browsers that can somehow give the same quality of results than Google. However, the Google algorythm, even though it is powerful, is far from being perfect. Therefore, there is room for a competitor that will be able to master another way to seek through the web.

My opinion
Is cuil.com the one? I don't think so. Not so far. We can't expect the search engine to be perfect right after having been released. I have done couple of research, especially with my name, and I don't think the results were good quality wise. I don't think either the summary was effective. But I think cuil has some great ideas, and identified where they could propose an added value.
I wish them good luck in this very competitive market, hoping they will come up with a serious alternative to Google, which domination is not positive.

And you what do you think about cuil.com. Have you tested it?

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