Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Plaxo acquired by Comcast

As a user of Plaxo, I received today an email letting me know the company has been bought by Comcast, the US cable company. The email is not really explicative, trying mainly to insure users that this acquisition won't affect the quality of the service.

In fact, I am also concerned about this move. Will Comcast have access to the massive data base of Plaxo? I hope it won't, and I don't think it will happen. But after having read this email, I still wonder why Comcast had bought Plaxo.
The official reason is to allow Plaxo to be used on a TV set, and therefore to give it a bigger impact. I am not sure that it is true.

One of the reason might be that Comcast is not really present on the Internet. Comcast provides Internet access, but don't have any online service so far. Maybe Comcast is willing to be more present on this medium, in the future to propose some editorial content (whether it is video or writing). I also believe that on a long term period the Comcast's business model will ave to change, because the TV as we know it right now won't exist anymore. Most of the show will probably be broadcasted on the Internet. Comcast is maybe trying to move toward that direction.

On Plaxo's side, maybe this was the time to be bought, as a part of the start up trend is looking forward to being bought by a bigger entity.

What is your opinion about it? What is the idea & strategy of Comcast while making this move?
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