Thursday, May 22, 2008

CRM 2.0: Nokia launches a campaign to connect with customers.

Nicolas Schriver Internet, CRM and BeyondThis news is a little bit old as I read it about a month ago on the USA today. Nokia hired moviemaker Spike Lee to do a short film which will be created from material done by consumers at Nokia users have until August 21 to upload their contribution to the movie, whether it is video, audio or text. Afterward, the producer of Malcom X will make the cut for a 9 to 12 minutes ilm which will be broadcasted this fall at the soon to open Club Nokia auditorium in LA.

This try reminds me of what French entrepreneur Loic Lemeur is undertaking with start up Seesmic: create professional content done by Internet users. Spike Lee is therefore here to give a professional result to amateurs' videos. I'll probably post the video of the final result on this blog when it will be available.

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