Saturday, March 01, 2008

Internet strategies for small businesses and search engine optimization

I attended yesterday a seminar held by Sanjay Singh from WSI. The seminar was discussing about Internet and small businesses, and more specifically on search engine.

Indeed, we talked in detail on how search engine works, what components they are seeking for their rankings. We also saw how to buy key words on search engine, especially on a small business prospective. Thus, you have to be smart and get away from overcrowded words that you won't be able to afford nor get any interesting leads.

That was very interesting to have Sanjay sharing his expertise with us, and giving us operational techniques to enhance search engine ranking for small businesses. Especially because the seminar was held in a small crowd, with people from small businesses of different industries: real estate, industrial, dotcoms...

For example, even though I know a lot about websites, I did not know that you could and should have meta descriptions for all your pages. Also, he show some concrete examples on how small businesses such as real estate agents, car retailer or semi conductor producers have been able to use the Internet to find new leads and prospects.

He gave me a lot of good ideas to implement on our agents' websites.

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