Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some Features Of The Whole Foods Market 365 Store Concept

Whole Foods Market is obviously one of the hypest grocery store concept in the world. What is also fascinating, is that it has been rarely copied by competition in other countries, even though its international expansion is very limited so far.

Whole Foods Market has recently hit the headlines with its new 365 store concept, dedicated to smaller formats, closer to downtowns. 

Cheaper, with lower operationnal costs: 365 aims to expand the clientale of Whole Foods Market by different means, but also by cutting of the prices. In order to keep its expenses under control, it will cut down the operational costs:
  • Fewer product ranges
  • Less employees
  • Ready to sell products, cutting assisted sales
Will the formula works? It will be interesting to follow, because the competition will be rough on smaller FMCG stores.