Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Category Management Series: Travel Retail Case Study

As I explained in my yesterday post, I have visited Malta, a beautiful destination that I recommend to you if you live in Europe. While I was waiting for my plane, I had the opportunity to visit a pretty well executed retail store. And it made me thought a lot about in store category management execution.

The store's purpose
One of the first thing to think about is to understand your store purpose. And when it comes to travel retail, the purpose is clear:
  1. To improve your flight experience
  2. To get the products you will need when you will be at your place, that you might have forgotten
  3. Getting souvenirs you did not have time to purchase.
Focusing on the store's organization
You need to have your largest categories in the back for customers to make sure they purchase things out. That's what this store made: the book category was at the end of the store. Most importantly, I liked the merchandizing and the way the different segments were played: business, historical, cooking, etc...

You also had all the categories represented. Interesting to visit, because once again the products' formats, the book selection, the way souvenirs were displaied, everything was well executed.