Monday, September 14, 2015

Which Is The Most Efficient Social Media At Driving Ecommerce Business?

I am sure this question interests you. Social media advertizing budgets have skyrocketed and know what is the most efficient usage of social media remains key to manage your campaigns properly.

Here is an interesting tweet, giving some Shopify data on where the crowd comes from.

— Paul Bachelier (@Bach_Paul) August 2, 2015

I have several comments to make about this chart.

First of all, don't get fool about the Facebook stats. Indeed, below you wil see a chart with the active monthly users with dates close to the chart of Shopify. Facebook counts about 194 times bigger than Facebook or LinkedIn. The only one where can clearly see that is not performing well is Youtube, where the gap with Facebook is huge compared to the number of users.

Secondly, What is very interesting about the chart is to have a category management analysis: some categories tend to be more efficient on Facebook than others. But there is a clear bias. I don't believe Facebook fits well those categories, but I believe social media may fit better those categories. And it is hard to tell if you may have better results with other social media.