Thursday, September 10, 2015

Category Management: Why I love working in the Health & Beauty Market

It has been now two years that I am working in the health and beauty market. As a retail professional, I don't really have a preference in terms of categories nor kind of retail format (I have worked for hard discounters, supermarkets, hypermarkets...). What really drives me is the interest of the challenge and the mission to fulfill. But I must admit I love to work in the cosmetic market.
Why? Because more than any other categories, you face a multiple competition:

  • Other FMCG retailers
  • Pharmacies & Parapharmacies
  • Specialized cosmetic retail chains like Sephora
  • The Internet
  • Clothing chains
  • Among others...
I recently edited the presentation you'll find below. It gives you a clear view of the competition. The point is not to say that the market is very competitive. All markets are. But because of this multiplicity of concepts, it brings a large place to creativity, and the urge to find the new trends to understand in order to perform.