Friday, February 20, 2015

Should You Do One Thing At A Time?

This is a traditionnal cliché: Men are supposed not to be able to do multiple tasks at one time, but women can. Also, a lot of people believes that they are able to juggle with a lot of different tasks at a time, and are good and efficient with it.

I have two pieces you to show. First, this very interesting Ted video about multi tasking:
It gives you the results of a study made on Italian judges that are used to juggle with a massive number of cases. They have checked on a period of time of 104 weeks how the way some were using multitasking could affect their efficiency. Results are shown bellow.

Obviously, we tend most of the time to think at different things at the same time. In our nowdays world, on our computer, we always have the possibility to be distracted, or to have different tasks in front of us. Our brains are like computers, and having to think at different thinks at the same time impact our RAM, and hence, slower the whole processor. This is one of the key to the GTD idea.

But I have always been more attracted by mono tasking than by multi tasking.

What about you?