Thursday, February 26, 2015

Carrefour Targeting French Ecommerce Company To Boost Its Ecommerce Strategy

Carrefour's CEO has clearly set Ecommerce as one of its top priority within the next few years. Carrefour has been struggling with its Ecommerce strategy. Lars Olofsson set a partnership back in 2011 with French Emerchant Pixmania, to manage Carrefour's Ecommerce website. Obviously, this partnership was not as successful as expected. And Carrefour decided to take back its Ecommerce website. Now, some websites are chatting about Carrefour being interested by

But will this move really give a lift to Carrefour online? What is for sure, is that its French competitor Casino is far ahead now. Its Ecommerce website Cdiscount is one of the leading Emerchant in France, competing head to head with Amazon, and has also an international presence in countries like Brazil. Rueducommerce for sure owns a great experience in Ecommerce, but it is by far not even a challenger now in the Ecommerce competition. Furthermore, for a company like Carrefour, which counts for 60% of its sales abroad, Rueducommerce may help on the local market, but will be far from having an impact on the total revenues of the company. Maybe this move would be the first step towards a round of merger and purchases of local Internet retailers, in order to strengthen the Internet presence of Carrefour worldwide.

Nevertheless, the Internet strategy of Carrefour remains unknown, but I believe that Carrefour will be one of the most active brick&mortar retailer in the Ecommerce sphere in 2015.