Monday, September 27, 2010

Nespresso Enters the U.S. Market

This is a great news for coffee lovers in the United States. After Miama, Premium coffee capsules producer Nespresso (part of the Nestlé group) is opening its 2nd store in New York city. Nespresso has encountered a huge success in Europe with its special espresso machines. Its unique machines can produce the highest bar pressure in the market, which ensures the most flavour to its coffee.

The brand became famous by using Georges Clooney as the embassador of the brand.

While I was in the United States, I remember I found Nespresso providing services to businesses. I remember we barrowed for free a machine as a try out. It was actually pretty cool and every one seemed to like it. Nespresso is going to fight versus Starbucks coffee which rules the US coffee world. Actually switching from Starbucks coffee shop to home capsules is pretty tough. Coffee capsule consumption is not as big in the US as it is in Europe.

Nespresso is known to be the ultimate customer relationship management model. They master their whole CRM, as they distribute their capsules by their own mean:

  • Website

  • Iphone application

  • Phone orders

  • Shops

A wide range of distribution they totally own. Therefore they have complete and extensive data about their whole clientele, which allows them to outperform in terms of direct marketing campaigns.

I wish them the best in this new adventure.