Thursday, September 02, 2010

Companies Are Still Struggling With Their Social Media Strategy

The hype is still very high around social media for companies. It seems obvious that social media will get a large market share of media consumption within the next decade. Nevertheless, it is very difficult for brands to apprehend this new medium, as it is very different from all the other ones. It is obviously not (or at least not yet) a mass media. It is also very far from other CRM tools. Therefore, despite some tries, a lot of companies seem to struggle with their online strategy.

I found out on the web this presentation.

What shall we think about it? I believe that it shows that social media remains a new medium. And therefore a lot of people are still figuring out how to do. I can't blame managers which don't really know how to handle those media, and especially what to expect.

I believe that there are a lot of progress that happened. New statistics came in, new marketing success came up, and I believe that we are starting to have a good outlook of what the future will be for social media.