Monday, September 13, 2010

Google's Secret Figures Revealed

Google has become over the years the Internet tycoon. Facebook and Twitter might get a lot of hype right now, but Google still rule the web, thanks to its

multiple online activities. A secret document has been found by searchengineland, which reveals very interesting figures about Google.

  • $574 million was spent,
  • Out of it, 1,356 advertisers spent between $10,000 and $100,000
  • AT&T was Google’s largest AdWords
    customer in June 2010.
  • AT&T spent over $8 million in June, Expedia almost $6 million, Amazon $5.85 million and eBay $4.25 million.
  • BP, who spent $57,000 a month is now spending $3.6 million per month. Yes, BP has been using search ads to help their image with the oil spill, but the amount they spent makes me wonder if Google turned the other way when they were violating the AdWords terms or if it was indeed just an error?

This last fact about BP is very interesting. Indeed, keyword campaigns are not known to be efficient for institutional campaigns nor branding purposes. But I believe the approach is very interesting as the medium is getting more and more powerful.