Friday, August 13, 2010

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) Still Struggles To Impose

When I have found out about Vendor Relationship Management 2 years ago, I have been thrilled about the potential. Indeed, it incarnated in my opinion the future of customer relationship management (CRM). It was the materialization of customers taking power over brands, and the ultimate stage of the relationship.

But since then, a lot of websites have used this concept, but still it is lacking of a clear leader which would drive the concept into a mass consumption trend. Community management effort on Twitter or Facebook have marked the premises of this type of relationship.

I am currently looking for airlines companies and travel agency to give up discounted fare to organize my wedding. Indeed, about 30 people coming from the US will land in France to participate in the celebration, and need both airline fares and hotels. I have contacted couple of agency, but none of them seem to propose interesting discounts, in regards to the potential business they could generate from it.

If a VRM service would exist, I'd be able to make a competition between the different potential suppliers, but none of that exists. Obviously, it is difficult for companies to be eager to develop VRM, because that means somehow to loose control over their pricing and their ability to price upon their mergins vs customer's will. But still, new media and web technologies will force them to make a move.

I'd like to know if some of you have good examples of vendor relationship management websites, and if you use it.