Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disneyland Annual Passport Offer: a great CRM case study

Ok, i decided to share with you some of my thoughts about Disneyland Annual Passport Offer as I am queuing right now to obtain one. Couple of weeks ago, I received in my mailbox a letter offering me an annual disneyland passport offer. The passport provides the access to the park for 300 days a year (exluding some blackout days like week ends during summertime).

The facial value of the passport is 99$, which could be even more if you actually come several times in the park. The entrance tickets cost. About 40€, so if you come every months it would be about 400 €.

So why would they offer me that? Well, I am leaving in the parisian suburbs so geographically I may potentially head to the park several times in the year.

Hence, as I am not a regular customer (I barely go once to the park a year), by providing me a free access to the park, they raise the chance I might come with another person that would pay its tickets, but mainly making myself purechase things and use services in the park. Therefore I might help the profitability of those.

In terms of customer relationship management, this is smart, by making such an offer, you have an opportunity to enlarge your database with new customers, and hence trigger new potential incomes.

Providing few tickets to former sleeping clients can't hurt especially compared to the large amount of traffic they generate on a daily basis.

I believe this is a great example of a new lead generation strategy, which fits perfectly in a global CRM program.
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