Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Use Foursquare And Geolocalization For Your Brands?

Still skeptics about how Foursquare and new mobile apps could help your business? I found a very interesting article about Pepsi-Loot, a mobile application which locates store that sells Pepsi products around you.
This new app phone allows you to find 200 000 restaurants serving Pepsi. The more they go to a restaurant which proposes Pepsi, and they buy Pepsi's products, the more rewards they get (via a point strategy). They can also search by type of food.
Thanks to this kind of tool, and in general geolocalization, you allow customer to find you few moments before they are going to purchase a product. And hence, you increase your chances it will select you instead of a competitor.
What is sure is that customer relationship strategy could be set on those kind of technologies.
What do you think about it?