Sunday, June 20, 2010

Google TV Video: The Future Of Video Entertainment

Google is now dominating the advertising market on the web, and has great ambition on the TV market. Indeed, new technologies are making the border between TV and computer screens thiner and thiner. Video games hardware at some point have already made efforts in that regard. But there is still a great potential that needs to be unfolded.

I found this video on Loic Lemeur's website. It shows in details the solution Google is looking forward to proposing. Now what I like about it is that Google use its own technoly, its core competitive advantage, to get into anoter market. As you can see, the added value of Google TV results in the search engine capabilities of the tool.

Now the Internet content will be in competition face to face with TV content. It might actually help some TV media corps to boost their advertising revenues, thanks to the content they may provide on the web, which will be bold.

I believe that actually the next TV revolution that will help producers to boost their sales won't be neither OLED, nor 3Ds, but actually enabling to unleash the full Internet content potential.

Do anyone of you have further details about this new project? Do you know when it will be released?