Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can A Internation Company Settles In A Country Thanks To A Website?

E commerce is becoming more and more a mature market. Of course, sales growth is still spiking with double figures, but you can see some main companies taking leadership whereas smaller actores are being bought.

We can see that the crisis has probably forced some global retailing actors to make new decisions to seek growth while their sales were plummeting. In this sense, we have seen Best Buy landing in Europe by opening stores in the UK. Now opening new branches in mature market could be pretty risky, and moreover pricy. I believe that Internet could play a key role for those international companies to settle down.

Indeed, Best Buy has already a strong image and know how in ecommerce website. They have a powerful potential in terms of search engine optimization, thanks to its international website. It could be hence easy to get awareness by promoting their website and launching their activities thanks to this medium.

As a second step, of course, they should launch real retails. I believe this is what actually is going to happen: Best Buy is going to open a website, and communicate on it, which will help them open wholesales in Europe, before opening retails.