Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basketball Star Is Using Twitter

How great do you think it would be if you could have your favorite player tweetting from the locker room to give you insights?

All star Gilbert Arenas
was already a celebrity of the blogosphere thanks to its blog where he was speaking freely about the NBA. Now it is Forward Charlie Villanueva that is using Twitter.

Villanueva owns a Twitter account, and decided to tweet at half time of the game against Boston. He tells to the web he was going to have a big night. The Milwaukee Bucks ended up winning against Boston, and it created a great buzz in the NBA. This story created a great buzz in the sport business in the US.

I believe actually that it is great advertising for Twitter, because it shows out how Twitter could be used for commercial purposes. Indeed, do you imagine? You could have some insights of your players during the game, and get scoops before anybody. There is more and more interviews during the game, but there, you could go further and deeper in the process. Twitter would become a great add up for sport broadcasting companies like Espn.