Sunday, August 03, 2008

Retailing in Columbia

Retailing in ColumbiaYou want to see some fascinating pictures of some retails in Columbia? Grégoire Kaufman, Commercial and marketing director of Ed France (Hard Discount subsidary of Carrefour) and former Merchandise director of Carrefour Columbia, has just opened his new blog, the retail art. The blog might be in French, but he shares with us some exceptional pictures of hypermarkets in Columbia, with a deep analysis about merchandising in this country.

I invite you to spend some times on this blog. You can see how the culture has a great impact on retailing, and how products are displayed and sold. Welcome Grégoire on the blogosphere.

PS: Thanks once more to Henri Kaufman, that has helped me discover this blog.


  1. Thank's Nicolas for your encouragement !
    You'll find much more photos and thoughts about retail on my blog over the next months...
    By the way, I'm thinking of writing in English, what you think about ?

  2. You are welcome. I can't wait to see your next blog posts.

    About writing in English, this is a tough question. You have to think about who you are targeting your blog for.
    If it is to have an audience and influence in France, you should keep on writing in French.

    Also, you have to think in which language you feel more comfortable. I must say you have some great writing skills in French. Will it be the same in English? If the answer is yes, great.

    On the other hands, you had such a rich experience of retailing in Columbia, that it could be great to share it with more people. Indeed, if you have your blog in english, you will have a more international audience, because it will be ranked better on

    Moreover I have noticed that there is not a lot of quality answers for "retailing in Columbia" in Google (even though I am now ranked number 1 :). So you could definitely stand out as an expert of the questions. But is it the purpose of the blog? I think that your expertise and your experience go beyond retailing in Columbia.

    So it is up to you. I believe you have a very good writing style in French, and that the best would be if you could do both, as I have tried to do. But that is my own opinion, and having a blog in two different languages is very time consuming.

    I hope this comment will help you in your decision.

    Once more good luck for this great blog.