Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Off for a month

I wanted to let you know my audience that I am going on vacations from August 6th 2008 to the end of the month. I am going on vacations at Pauillac, South West of France. Thus I won't be witting any blog post during this period of time.

It is always a positive thing to be away from the web for sometime.

What will I do:
  • Rest
  • Visit the wine country
  • See my family
  • Do some sport activities, running, pool
  • Work on my Spanish ( I am bringing two exercise books for that matter)
  • Read some books: I aim to finish the Victorian Internet that I talked about in this blog, and I would like to read Getting Things Done, in order to kick off perfectly my job search while I'll be back
  • I am working on various project. I am looking forward to helping the alumni association of my master to organize a dinner at the beginning of the month of November, and also see what we could create in terms of services to the alumni. I will also work on some other projects, including some thoughts about the social score, that might be the next "life time value" of customer relationship management.
Pauillac blogYou'll understand that I'll come up with brand new content when I'll be back to Paris. Feel free to leave me some comments if you want to get in contact with me.
Anyways, I wish you good luck, hope to see you while I'll be back.

NB: The left pictures show you the different wine castles settled in Pauillac.

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