Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thoughts On Victoria's Secret Opening In France And Its Consequences On The Market

US retail chain Victoria's secret has opened its first store in France, at the Orly airport. It had already launched its retail chain in Europe, I believe it was in Belgium, and I remember to have seen one in a Hungrarian Airport.

Actually, Victoria's Secret don't communicate much about its International expansion, leaving commentators wondering what is next.

I actually believe that Victoria's Secret is simply executing a strategy implying a travel retail expansion, which ultimately means they need to open in several big airports to grow their network. Which would mean very few ambitions abroad.

But let's imagine Victoria's Secret open really in France. I believe it could be a big game changer. I have bee, a fan of the concept since I have visited my first store in the US: 
  • Focusing on the shopping experience
  • A great marketing with its events mixing great music superstars and top models
  • A large product range
  • With low prices
If Victoria's Secret would really like to come to France, it could be compared to the development of Kiko on the make up market.

The French market is a high price market, with actually very few changes. When Kiko came in, it proposed new innovative products, with a cool concept and low prices. Exactly the offer of Victoria's Secret.

It would therefore be interesting to see how it would grow because the historical actors would need to adapt to keep their market shares.

I will definitely cover for you the story if it unfolds.