Sunday, May 29, 2016

Carrefour Is Strenghting His Board

Very interesting news in French professional magazin lineaires: Moulin familly (who funded and own Galleries Lafayette) has become the first shareholder of Group Carrefour, overpassing Bernard Arnaud & Colony Capital. 

This is a very interesting News. Indeed Carrefour's shareholding used to be divided in very small pieces, which complicated the possibility of the company to have a long term strategy.

Now Carrefour counts 3 main shareholders, counting for about 30% of the votes:

  • The Moulin Familly, which owns Gallery Lafayette, a retailer specialized in fashion and premium goods.
  • Groupe Arnault, which is also in the luxury business with its LVMH company.
  • Abilio Diniz, which is one of the trail blazer and most influential retailer in Brazil, a strategic market for Carrefour.
What I liked about this news is that it gives strength and purpose to the board, which can now focus on the retail business on a long term prospective. Moreover, those 3 shareholders have knowledge about the retail business.

I believe this will be interesting to see how they see the future of Carrefour.

CapitalDroits de vote
Famille Moulin (1)11,51 %15,33 %
Groupe Arnault (2)8,95 %11,92 %
Abilio Diniz (3)8,05 %nc
Colony Capital (2)5,23 %7,70 %
Bank of America Corp. (4)5,15 %4,53 %