Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Mobile Marketing To Boost Shopper Experience In The Health & Beauty Experience

We all know mobile phones have changed the way people shop. Those high tech devices have empowered most of us with great tools to get content to make relevant purchasing decisions. But it is always better to have clear data about it. I found this very interesting article published on Mediapost about how shoppers want/or shop for health & beauty products thanks to their mobile phones

What is interesting is also to see how shoppers would rather use their cell phones than to ask for a sales representative in order to get advices on which products to choose. What does it imply? For the longest time, health & beauty retailers have incentived their sales person in order to influence shoppers' decision making process. But with more educated and tooled customers, the shopping experienced turned more into checking information on a mobile device. 

I still believe human interractions is better than contact with a machine, but nowadays customers don't get fooled about sponsored advices either by celebrities or sales people.

Also, it shows well that the digitalization of the point of sales go more onto personal mobile devices than to equip stores of multiple screens, simple because it allows shoppers to customize their experience.

"he Mintel study found that consumers have a wide range of interests in using mobile in the shopping process. Some even would be interested in using store-supplied mobile technology. This is what interests consumers regarding mobile involvement in shopping:
  • 66% -- Receiving rewards by scanning receipt with smartphone app
  • 58% -- Smartphone app that gives beauty product offers to redeem in-store
  • 54% -- Smartphone app that allows comparing of prices of beauty products
  • 51% -- Prefer to use retailer’s mobile website rather than installing their app when browsing for products on smartphone
  • 47% -- Redeem coupons received using smartphone when making in-store purchases
  • 45% -- Search for product information in-store on mobile device rather than ask a sales associate
  • 39% -- Using an in-store tablet provided by the store to research beauty products available
  • 36% -- Using in-store tablets provided by the store to pay for beauty products"