Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lidl Is Undertaking An Ecommerce Strategy

Lidl goes on with its strategy to modernize its brand image by launching new businesses. 

  • In store, they have improve a lot their fresh produce offer.
  • In terms of advertizing, they multiply TV and radio campaigns
  • They modernize also their store network by investing massively in point of sales marketing.
But Lidl has recently decided to launch Ecommerce presence in both Germany and Belgium. They propose their technical products (no food products) online, with clear claims in term of quality of service:

  • 30 days to give back if the product is deceiving
  • 2 days home delivery
  • Securized payment system

It is interesting, because I believe Lidl will experience tremendous success with this strategy.
  • They will be able to provide a better service to customers (most of the time those products are out of stock very fast, especially as they are daily offers).
  • They will be able to access other customers that may not go to their stores.
  • Therefore they will be able to leverage extra sales.
Lidl has a clear strategy, and I believe that they execute it very well.