Thursday, August 06, 2015

Some Thoughts On Wanzl White Book On Retailing

"Re enchanting the store": This might be a cliché issue for retailers. It has been a while retail experts,customer relationship management consultants are working on a new vision of what brick & mortar commerce should be. But after almost a decade of the real digital revolution (to me, marked on the rise of the smartphones via the Iphone and social media via Facebook) commerce seems not to have evolve that much. The old Bernardo Trujillo's rule still apply, even though the emphasis on shopper experience has for sure changed the primary goals of retailers.

I have recently read the white book of Wanzl (in French) that discusses about this will to re enchant the store. It has been written by Bruno Daucé, a French expert I know very well on experiential marketing. What the White book points well, is how shopping experienced is impacted by our senses: vision, touch, hearing, smelling. And that is what is interesting in the book. Not to focus on technology for what the technology is, but what can deeply impact the well being of a shopping experience.