Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Amazon's Prime Day

Tomorrow, July 15th, will be the first Prime Day of Amazon: A special day aiming to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Amazon, which will become a massive sales day.

The event is aimed also to be global, with sales in all the countries where Amazon has launched its Amazon Prime service. 

To me, Prime Day is a clear response to Alibaba. Alibaba with its Singles Day has been able to create a massive promotional event from scratch. As did some previous retailers, the ability to create new sales peak point shows well how performing your company performs. Especially, it allows the company to create new slots, less crowded, to get new customers and generate sales. Indeed, it is difficult to compete on the traditionnal Black Fridays, Back to Schools or Christmas seasons. 

More than just adding a massive sales day, Amazon is eager to leverage this event in acquiring more members of the Amazon Prime service. There are hence two goals:

  • lifting up sales
  • Growing the Amazon Prime Clientele.

Now I still question the date of July the 15th, with a lot of people on vacations at this time. I would have probably located the event at some other points, like May or April.

They also have added a cultural layer, asking for some artists to represent what the Amazon's prime service inspired them.

Nevertheless I question the date of July the 15th. Indeed, it is a period with a lot of people on vacations and therefore with less potentials than other times of the years.