Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amazon To Open Brick & Mortar Drive In Stores

I announced it earlier this year: 2015 will be the beginning of the real fight between brick & mortar companies and e-merchants. And this battle will be engaged by 2 tycoons of each sides, Amazon & Walmart. While Amazon announced better than expected profits & sales for the third quarter, French website Lefigaro reports Amazon recently bought in Sunnyvale some real estate to launch a drive in  concept.

It will allow people to pick up their deliveries in car. It looks kind of the concept of drive in that succeed so well in France. The good thing about the concept, it will allow Amazon to sell its whole wire range of products, including probably groceries.

Amazon is already testing a store in Purdue University, allowing students to pick up their orders.

Beyond the drone hype, I highly believe Amazon is testing a key concept that will probably allow him to get an edge on competition.