Thursday, July 25, 2013

Should Businesses Experiment? thanks to @ariegoldshlager

I wanted to share with you my thoughts about an article I read on the blog of @ariegoldshlager : Why Businesses Don't Experiment. Actually, I found this article very interesting, because it is true: From my personnal experience, I believe that companies tend not to test much. Most of the time, they would rather change their whole business at once than to conduct tests.

The thing is that testing is difficult, and requires you to have clear patterns and protocol to respect, in order to have usable data at the end of the test period. Testing is not only about launching a new product and letting a few sample of people try it, it is about targeting the right sample to use, and to define right from the beginning the data that will provide you a clear answer.

As Arie points out, companies would rather have consultant letting them know what to do with their core business and take their advises for granted than taking couple of months to figure out what the decision will imply.

Now I believe that once you want to make a decision either to experiment something or to set it on a larger scale, you should think about those two things:
  • Experimentation is a great way to apprehend the impact one decision will have on the different component of one business, and then you would be able to correct it, in order to provide the best service to your customers once you make it on a larger scale.
  • Experimentation takes time, and in nowadays society, in tough economy and tough competition, being fast is one of the key element of success.
I may not give a clear answer to this situation, but I believe that before skipping an experimentation process, you should deeply look after it, in order to know what would imply a testing period, how to do it, and then make a decision either to experiment or not.