Monday, July 08, 2013

How Walmart Became The N°1 Retailer On Facebook

Walmart is of course the world laster retailer, especially due to its dominant position in its domestic market. Over the time, Walmart has been able to grow a base of 30 million fans on Facebook. French professional magazine LSA recently posted an article on the reasons why Walmart succeeded in its digital strategy.

Using Images and Video Media: 85 % of the content generated by Walmart's page is either videos or images. 

What kind of content?

  • 45% of posts are about products, depending on the seasons.
  • 17% is buzz contents, viral videos, that have nothing in common with the company's retail activities.
  • 15% are tips on how to use products, or to better consume.
  • 13% are interractions with fans, mostly through polls.
  • 10% are about ethical causes, such as recycling, donations.
Here is a sum up of Walmart's strategy