Monday, April 02, 2012

New Retail Trends From The NRF

The NRF is the National Retail Federation in the United States.Every year they host the NRF Expo, and this year, I believe it was in New York.

Thanks to Henri Kaufman's blog, we can access to this presentation (in French), which shows out the  new trends found during this event.

I am not going to comment the whole presentation  which is pretty complete. But Iwanted to share with you the results of the study showed on slide 22and 23.

Here are in 2011the ranking of the greatest influences during a product research:

  1. Retail store
  2. Search engine
  3. Retailer Website (this is something very interesting: Retailer websites seem to be a source customers rely more and more on)
  4. Familly and friends (wouldn't you have thought it would be higher?)
  5. traditionnal advertising
  6. mobile apps
  7. online streaming videos haul (like You tube)
  8. Shopping portail
  9. social media (this is what is interesting: so far social media is very low)
  10. magazines
  11. Email
I believe it is interesting to see that retails remain the n°1 source of information, and also the n°1 channel of consumption.However, ubiquity (meaning the fact that customers purchase and consume information on a vast number of media, from cell phones, to computers, to stores, to social media...) is becoming more and more important.Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that stores remain the core of business, and that companies should leverage their stores to generate more sales on line and on other platforms, like smartphones.