Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sandro Castaldo Trust Model

I discovered thanks to a post of Henri Kaufman the work of Sandro Castaldo on customer loyalty building process.Sandro Castaldo is an Italian professor who has worked to identify which are the components of customers trust in one brand. 

Trust is a very complex concept, and in terms of customer relationship with a company, there are many different components which can impact this trust:
  • The salespersons
  • The assortment
  • Sales promotion
  • Communication
Sandro Castaldo found out a way to analyse the interaction between those different factors in order to determine which of them has the most impact on trust.
Here is how it works:
  1. It defines the elements which may influence one customer trust.
  2. He also defines which of those elements impact either the perceived value, the store patronage, satisfaction, the behavioral loyalty intentions and the trust.
  3. He then conducts a survey on customers using the quota method
  4. He then is able, upon the survey, can set the priorities of each element
To understand better how it works, I invite you to visit this link.There is a very interesting paper about how private lable can impact store trust. The whole technique is detailed in this paper.

It would be very interesting to conduct such a survey for your company, in order to understand better the role of each of your customer relationship management components, and being able to monitor them. Sandro Castaldo wrote a book about it: Trust in Market Relationships.

What do you think about it?