Monday, March 07, 2011

My Impressions About The Ipad

It has been a couple of months now that I own a wonderful Ipad, and I wanted to share with you my opinion with the device. While I got the Ipad, I did not expect much about the handheld. As a matter of fact, I was quite skeptical about the device, wondering what kind of benefits I could get from this new device. Nevertheless, I could clearly envision that the usage would be much different from a laptop or a smartphone.

Internet Surfing
On this part, I must say that the device is quite convenient. It is easy to surf and find information. Watching Youtube videos is just awesome, even thought the search engine of the Youtube application is not as good as the one of the Internet version.

Something which bugs me though is that you can't see flash applications. No Slidehare presentations can be seen. One of the thing I watch in the morning is the videos of the website, to watch the highlights of the last night's game. But it is not possible on the Ipad! The website's player is in flash + the "Ipad lite version of the NBA application" only provides a 30 seconds sum up of highlights... This is a shame, because it is free on the Internet, but you need to pay to watch it on the Ipad...

Also, I must say it is quite difficult to write things on the Ipad. It is impossible to actually work on the Ipad. It must be used as a display hardware. For example, I used it to buy something on the fnac website, it was not quite a good experience, as it has been a hurdle to write a note on the package of the present I wanted to buy...

I love Flipboard. Flipboard allows me to read my Twitter feed in an awesome way. I can't replace it now, I can't see myslef not doing it every day. There are a lot of great applications of newspapers which gives a premium reading experience. You can see that we have not reached yet the full potential of the device in terms of reading experience though.

As a conclusion, I must say I love my Ipad, it is a great device, you can spend hours surfing on the Internet, but in no ways can replace a computer. And I do believe it will create a new way to enjoy news consumption, thanks to its great reading experience.