Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Global Companies Thrive On Social Media

Social media is becoming mainstream, and global companies thrive on it. At the beginning, when the whole web 2.0 started, a lot of experts, including myself were wondering how global companies, which are control freak most of the times, could adapt to start conversing with customers thanks to these media. But it seems that actually they quite understood how to leverage those tools.

This is what is explained in a very interesting report I found, about how Fortune 100 companies use the four main social media platforms which are Facebook Twitter, Youtube and blogs, as a marketing tool.

And the results are quite impressive:
  • An increase of 25% of the number of companies who are using all four social media tools versus last year.
  • 25% of Fortune 100 companies combines the 4 social media in their strategies.
  • 67% of companies using Twitter use the “@replies” feature to converse with users.
  • An impressive 84% of those companies use at least one of the platform
  • 80% of Fortune 100 companies are talked about on Twitter.This is the main reason why it is important to look after what is going on Twitter…

Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement:

  • In Twitter, the average followers per account figure is 5 076: This is very few compare to the millions of customers those company have over the world, and compared to the millions of people using Twitter. Nevertheless, the number of followers grown in average of +241% last year.
  • 84% of Facebook pages are posts in last week. It may seem a lot, but I believe that a good fan page should at least be posted 5 times a week…

Also, I liked in this report a very interesting point: Having multiple accounts allow one company to reach different stakeholder groups. I believe this is a very interesting point, because as a global company, you may have very different customer groups, but also very different products.

This is one of the basics of customer relationship management: Being able to adapt to your audience. And if you are really planning on discussing with your customers, it is way much easier to have accounts related to a specific topic.

For example, if I take as an example Microsoft:

  • They have business to business activities, with their CRM products, Microsoft offices licenses, maybe we may even add in this category the Surface products.
  • They are in the video game market with the Xbox
  • They are in the cell phone market
  • Of course they have softwares and operating systems for PC
  • They are all over the world, and you may not interact the same way with US customers and Asian ones.

Therefore this is a great advice you should consider: Think glocal: You need to have a strong global brand, to use in the social media, but also several accounts allowing to adapt upon the typology of stakeholders you have.