Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ipad to Improve Customer Experience

What is fascinating with the Ipad is the way Apple has been able to create a need by designing a brand new handheld which does not look like any other handheld in the market. And as it is brand new, Apple needed to explain how to use the tool. Now some people have been able to find new interesting ways to use it to improve customer relationship management, especially customer experience but also to improve sales force tools.

Here are some few examples you may adopt to help your customers and your sales team:
Provide an Ipad to the shopper: You may provide to your loyal customer as a premium service an Ipad while shopping. Thanks to a brand application, your customer will access to some interactive information on the product. He may watch videos, user comments, or maybe ideas on how to use it.
Use it as a tool for your sales fore: Your sales force may use it to display some strengths of the products. Let’s take the example of Mercedes USA. Car dealers have tested the system where salespeople have instant access to marketing programs for specific models, credit application process, among other information.
During business fairs, Ipads are very convenient to hang around the halls, and to provide quick Powerpoint presentations on the go.
Improving staff service: Some hotels have given to concierges Ipad, which help them provide information to customers about the area and potential events.

Do you have any other good examples of the use of Ipad as a CRM tool?