Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zappos Aiming To More Personalization

Zappos.com, one of the hottest internet retailer, which masters the web 2.0 technology, has recently hired choicestream to empower their website with more personalization features. The goal is to enhance customer experience and ultimately raise the average sales per customer.

What is funny, is that Zappos has been recently bought buy Amazon, which is the leading retailers in terms of personal recommendations. As the merge hasn't been finalized, Zappos staff declared they were still operating individually and hence, could decide what they wanted on an operational stand point. But still, in terms of convergence, it doesn't really make sense, as Amazon is clearly the leader in the industry on this aspect. It is funny to compare with what Carrefour did not so long ago, establishing a contract with Publicis for its communication, forcing all its business units to switch for Publicis.

Anyways, what really matters is to see that Zappos is still pursuing customer service greatness, and as the company matures, it is getting equiped with the finest technologies to provide great customer relationship.