Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Moment Of Truth: In-store Marketing Beats Traditionnal Advertising

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First Moment Of Truth. This topic is very important to me as I am working the retail industry. A new US study shows that "nearly a third (32 percent) third of the 999 shoppers polled online in March said in-store marketing is very effective. Only 27 percent said the same about ads living outside of the store."

The survey, which is part three of the "Gone in 2.3 Seconds: Capturing Shoppers with Effective In-Store Triggers Series," found that the shopping experience is crucial for marketers. Sixty-nine percent of those polled called the in-store experience a “make or break” scenario. While 65 percent of shoppers are making lists, brand decisions are still being made at the store according to 60 percent of respondents. End-aisle displays are the most engaging according to 70 percent of those polled followed by merchandising displays (62 percent) and department signage (58 percent). Ceiling banners and overhead mobiles have the least impact. Shelf strips (55 percent) and shelf blades (50 percent) have become more important especially among the Gen X and Gen Y crowds who feel the more information the better, per the report. Overall, women and Gen Y were most influenced by in-store marketing efforts. "Understanding high potential shopper strike zones has become increasingly critical given the intensified battle for consumer loyalty and share of mind in-store," said D’Anna Hawthorne, strategy director at Miller Zell, a retail consultancy. The report was conducted by the National Research Network on Miller Zell's behalf.

In-retail marketing is mostly underrated, but in the grocery retail industry it is one of the most powerful tool you could use. Of course, out of the store advertising is very important to generate leads and traffic in store, but growth of revenues comes from in store customers' decision making process. And new technologies could have a great impact in helping customers to make their decision.