Monday, July 04, 2016

Casper: The New Retail Experience In The Digital Age

 I am going to be honest, it is not until not so long ago that I heard about Casper. Casper is a US mattress retailer. But it is very innovative on the way it retails.

  1. They have a single product. They have based their offer on having the best mattress in the market. It makes it therefore easier for the decision making process of the customer but also for the operational execution.
  2. They have a very interesting way to merchandize online. As you have seen on the website, we are far from Amazon. 1 product for every categories. Therefore, they have a very simple way to show their products, simply by scrolling down.
  3. They use social media chatting for customer service. Most of the time, pure players fail to actually provide a great experience because you lack the interaction of a real person. Thanks to the chat interface, you are allowed to speak with someone.

Casper is obviously unique, but it somehow reminds me a bit of Devialet. And I believe that it understands well the new way Ecommerce should be thought through, aside of course Amazon.